Kynetix expand in Latin America and India

“Over the last 12 months, we have seen a significant trend across commodity market participants to move closer towards the physical economy. We’re committed to investing in our vision to connect the financial and physical markets and are excited to extend our commercial and technical capabilities across these two key commodity regions”

commented Matt Dolton, co-founder of Kynetix.

 “We recognise that our market is experiencing an exciting shift towards greater trust and transparency and see our presence in these locations as key step towards establishing ourselves as a potential partner for both financial and physical players in the markets to implement the vision of local regulators and governments”

added Guillaume Kendall, Head of Business Development.

Kynetix’s Sentinel platform enables the physical economy to be represented in the financial markets by creating trusted electronic records of title, ownership and the storage of commodities. This presents opportunities to enhance price discovery, unlock collateral, streamline settlement and further enhance the trust and transparency of commodity markets.

Sebastian Resano, VP of Business Development Latin America says

“I’m delighted to have joined the team at Kynetix at such an important time for our markets. With our new office established in Santiago, Chile, we will be closer to our customers to help advise and deliver on their new initiatives across the continent”